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For the past 10 years, Richard Singleton has been employed with PNC Bank, he is in charge of strategic direction and operations of global suppliers. Singleton manages the banks highest risk and highest spend suppliers, to PNC control standard along with Government Regulatory Policies & Standards. Singleton manages multi-million dollar projects and the offshore risk on behalf of PNC Bank.


Richard is also the founder and president of RAS Services Group LLC, a building, designer, developer and real estate manager specializing in providing affordable housing in Northeast Ohio. He has spent the last 10 years acquiring over 20 homes through the Cuyahoga Land Bank and real-estate agencies, in order to provide affordable homes for family and friends. Singleton is also part owner of a Cincinnati Development Group that owns and manages multiple apartment buildings with over 20 plus units.


Richard was born in Cleveland, OH, his family lived on E. 84th and Cedar across from St. James Methodist Church. The family eventually moved to Warrensville, where he met his lifelong friends Willie and Jermaine. After high school Singleton attended Denison University and graduated with honors, where he received a degree in Psychology.

Founder, RAS Services Group

VP of Global Supplier Operations, PNC Financial Services Group

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